Astro JS Framework: Overview of the tool I used to built my site

Astro JS Framework: Overview of the tool I used to built my site

JavaScript is a popular programming language for building web applications, and there are many frameworks available to help us, developers, to create these applications quickly and efficiently. One of the newest frameworks is Astro. In this blog post, we'll explore why I choose it, what makes Astro unique and how it differs from other JavaScript frameworks.

First of all, I`ve been using next.js to build my things, It's easy and I like the way how it makes React with SSR easy peasy, but I want something simpler, and somedays ago I saw a tweet about this new version of, Looking for the landing page its look nice, because I able to build closest to HTML + CSS + Vanilla JS triad and at the same time, I have the option to use any JSframework like React, Vue or svelte.

There are the main features of Astro:

Build Optimizations

Astro is optimized for building highly performant websites. It uses a static build process, which means that your website is pre-built into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files before it is deployed. This can result in faster load times and improved SEO. By pre-rendering your website's pages, Astro can ensure that your website is ready to load quickly when a user visits it.

Focus on HTML

Astro puts a strong focus on HTML as the primary language for building web applications. It uses HTML as the templating language and provides a set of custom tags for building components. This approach can make it easier for web developers who are familiar with HTML to get started with Astro. It also makes it possible to use existing HTML code and templates within your Astro applications.

No Virtual DOM

Unlike other frameworks such as React and Vue.js, Astro does not use a virtual DOM. Instead, it compiles your application into static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, which can be served directly to the browser. This can make your code more efficient and reduce the amount of work that the browser needs to do when rendering your website.

Smaller Bundle Size

The core Astro library is smaller than other popular JavaScript frameworks such as React and Vue.js. This can make it easier to get started with and can result in smaller bundle sizes for your application. Smaller bundle sizes can make your website faster to load and easier to maintain.


Astro is a performant, statically typed, HTML-focused JavaScript framework that uses a static build process and has a small core library. While it shares some similarities with other frameworks, it also has some distinct differences that make it a unique tool for building web applications. Whether you're a seasoned web developer or just getting started, Astro is definitely a framework worth checking out. Its focus on performance, ease of use, and simplicity make it a great option for building modern web applications.