Why create a technical blog nowadays?

My reasons for creating this blog

Hi there, my name is Igor Oliveira and I am a mid-level software developer. I have been in the industry for a few years now, and I am constantly striving to improve my skills and knowledge. One area I would like to improve on is my English writing skills.

I am originally from Brazil, and English is not my first language. Although I have been reading English for some years, writing and speak in English has always been a challenge for me. However, I believe that learn English is an essential skill for any software developer, as it helps us to communicate our ideas, thoughts and insights with a wider audience and our work colleagues if you work in an English-speak company.

That is why I have decided to take on the challenge of writing blog posts in English. I know it will not be an easy task, but I am willing to put in the time and effort to improve my writing skills. Writing blog posts will not only help me to improve my English, but it will also allow me to share my experiences, insights and opinions with others in the software development community.

I hope that by writing blog posts, I will be able to reach a wider audience, connect with other developers and learn from their experiences. I also believe that writing blog posts will help me to grow as a software developer, as I will have to think critically and creatively about the topics I write about.

I plan to write about a variety of topics, such as my personal projects, which I share in my GitHub, and my experiences as a software developer. I hope that by sharing my thoughts and insights, I will be able to help other developers, especially those who are starting their careers.

So, stay tuned for my first blog post, and if you have any suggestions for topics that you would like me to write about, please let me know. I am open to suggestions and feedback, as I believe that is how we can all grow and improve together.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy my writing journey.